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ain, my dear," Kraft Gerding said, bowing. "May I sit?" he asked, waving a hand toward her cot. "You may fall on your dreadful face, for all I care," Orison said. "You must learn to speak like a queen," Kraft said, seating himself on the cot beside her. "Otherwise, of course, you are perfect." "Of course," Orison said. "I can't say the same for you." "I grow on one," Kraft said. "You wonder, no doubt, how the William Howard Ta

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ft National Bank and Trust Company became a battleground; why many of our employees have ears the color of day-old bruises; why Wanji was so exercised by the color of escudoes; and what the work is that the Microfabridae sing at. No?" "Yes," Orison said. "May I smoke?" Kraft Gerding asked, bringing a cheroot from an inner po

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